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Over the cement pipes and insulation
insulation for pipes indoors
Inspection for Heat Exchanges
pipe insulation for protection
Tanks for Cold Storage Insulation
Tanks for storage

“I have personally worked with Mike and Mike Jr. through some tough and demanding schedule and found them to be professional and understanding. The work that has been accomplished, and standard that Rouch Builders has demonstrated has been top-notch.”

K.M., A Maintenance Supervisor For a Valley Winery
Tall Silos Insulation
Wall Piping Insulation
Inside Room Piping Insulation
Vessel Can Insulation Picture Roof

“I can count on Mike to meet any deadline we give him, he and his team ensure that the quality of their work is always top notch, and most importantly, I trust him.”

G.O., Construction Manager for a Local Ammonia Contractor
yellow coding of pipe for marking
Metal Insulated Panels for tanks
Piping insulation for sprinklers
Color Coding For pipes
large mechanical insulation