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RB Insulation is your insulation contractor for every step of the construction and maintenance process, from the beginning of construction to isolated repairs down the road.  We undertake insulation jobs on new multimillion dollar systems as well as complete small scale repairs whenever necessary.

RB insulation has experience with a variety of industry specific insulation needs.  We have completed contracts in facilities ranging from cold storages to auto manufacturers and from wineries to energy producers.  We are confident in our ability to exceed our clients’ needs and we would love to be a part of your next project.


We install insulation on piping used in a variety of unique mechanical processes and systems.

Pressure Vessels

We insulate all kinds of tanks and vessels, from ammonia accumulators to hydraulic reservoirs.

Color Coding

We  color code lines to industry specified standards.

Metal Insulated Panels

We use metal insulated panels to build large scale ducting, panel walls, and even entire structures.

Removable Blankets

We offer removable and reusable thermal insulation blanket covers. 


We insulates vertically standing tanks spanning dozens of industries. This tank was insulated with urethane insulation.

Pipe Prep + Paint

We also prep and seal piping prior to insulation to ensure the maximum lifespan is achieved.  

Insulation Overhaul

We can tear off all existing insulation, allowing for a visual assessment of the condition of piping, followed by re-insulation.

Insulated Boxes

When traditional pipe insulation won’t make the cut, we will build custom insulation boxes around whatever it is you need insulated.

Chillers + Heat Exchangers

Our insulation services include chillers and heat exchangers.  This specific chiller is used in the process of making wine.

MIT Inspection

We can be a big part of your next MIT inspection, specifically on all systems requiring a visual inspection hole.

Isolated Repairs

We repair small isolated sections of insulation on existing systems when an entire overhaul is not needed or not realistic.